Polshed brass, oil rubbed bronze, rustic bronze antique gold, antuqye copper.

See 88 lb chain for chrome, antuque brass. Also available in matte silver, pewter, black and custom antuque finishes

.Oblong heavy plated chain 110 lb wt. capacity

2 1/4 inch long x 1 in. wide x 1/4 in. thick.(6.2 mm) Polished brass, light antique brass, black , chrome$10 ft. Oil-rubbed dark bronze, rustic bronze, antique gold or copper $12 ft. Custom-$14 ft.

Side-cut chain comes in 3 foot lengths but may be ordered in any legth.Lengths may be connected with connecting link as shown in photo.

we can connect the chain upon request@ $5 per connection

Connecting link $8 pr. chrome or polished brass $10 pr. to match to match

Shown app. actual size.

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Chandelier Chain