shown in black, hammered silver(not bluish as shown- same as pewter, but lighter) and pewter

Sold per foot. Links are 2 3/8 x 1x 7/32 in.(6 mm) Email an image to get a closer match in color

raw steel $8 per ft.-

Black flat or satin finish $13 ft.

Metallic finishes silver, gold, bronze oil-rubbed bronze $15 per ft. -

Distressed bronze or pewter, faux gold or silver leaf.$18 per ft

Add $1 ft. for 7 mm- 225 lb. capacity Add $4 ft. for 8 mm ( 3.25 in. link) 300 lb capacity. Add $8 per ft for 10mm 3 15/16 in. link 400 lb. capacity

Chandelier Chain


Call to order 24/7 - 800-295-0559
shown in distressed bronze & faux gold leaf